New Album Single Now Available

Paul Emmanuel

The brand new single I’m Not Letting Go is officially available! I’m Not Letting Go is Paul’s first album single and can be purchased or steamed online at all major digital music outlets.

Listen to I’m Not Letting Go

  1. I'm Not Letting Go Paul Emmanuel Buy 0:25


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About Paul

Sunporch confessions of an old soul

As a dad of two and little time to spare, Paul still manages to slip away and write lyrics from the heart here and there. Poetry blends with the genuine felt words Paul lives daily. Moments that seem unnoticed or overlooked, Paul takes the time to pause and notice that which the naked eye might miss. It’s not always easy to find the time or even make the time to let music happen, but it’s the very life blood and necessity to write that which burns upon one’s heart.

-Sarah (Paul’s wife)